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5 things to include in your website

Turn your website into a powerful sales page for your services by including these 5 things rather than it being a passive information site.

Your clients can use their phones to find a competitor in 30 seconds so, it’s never been more important to make a great first impression and position your company as the pro.

Your clients want more and they deserve more especially if you are expecting them to spend a lot of money with someone they don’t know and bland, boring brochure websites just don’t cut it anymore.

So, what can you do to show you are the service provider for them over any other?

You can turn your website into a sales system using the following advice.

Here are the 5 things successful websites have

These are the things we build into every professional website for seasoned pros to focus their business and engage with their ideal clients.

  1. A strong hook to draw them in with a call to action button
  2. Talk about their top problems to show you understand their situation
  3. Outline of your proven process to show you can confidently solve their problem
  4. A strong offer that will solve their problem and tell them how to get it
  5. Show a helpful next step in the way of your call to action form

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by Chris Holland - Business & website consultant

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