9 examples how branding can grow your contracting business

branding to grow contract business

Building, electrical and plumbing contractors thrive with a great logo that can be applied to every aspect of their projects. Tenders look better, customers have more trust and you become a recognised brand on-site.

Don’t let your contracting business’s image hold you back any longer. See how branding can help you grow.

The logo

lnm logo on paper

You can’t brand a bean without a solid company logo. Think about how flexible your logo needs to be.

Business cards

barton business cards

Your first contact with a prospect should say it all.

Van graphics

pro-wire van

Turn up on site and tell everyone who you are.


pro-wire paperwork

Make an impression with every letter you send in print or by email.


hv3 folders

Cross sell, upsell or present your proposals in style.


first defence t shirt

Make every one of your team a trusted part of your brand.

Site boards

md electrical site board

Let the world know who are doing great work here.

Website holding page

first defence holding page

A holding page on your business domain as a temporary measure says you are proper.

Branded domain email

Stop using mickymouse@coldmail.com, you@yourcompany.co.uk says you mean business.

See more about how our branding services can help you here.

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