build some rapport by getting to know us

Hi there i’m Chris. Owner and lead strategy consultant here at 9G.

It’s important you choose the right company to build your new website and that means getting to know us first.

Chris Holland – Owner / Strategy consultant

we won't push ideas on you

Clients like working with us because we get on. We take the time to understand your business and advise on the best options based on both of our knowledge not just ours!

9G has evolved from a simple web designer in 2005 to a proven and established web agency having built over 250 websites with a great approach to your business.

  • Discovery first – Each project is lead by discovery and understanding
  • Evolved approachConstantly evolving our marketing knowledge and with years of experience we approach every project with the customer first
  • You hire us for our advice and experience – Which means we won’t just say yes to dumb ideas or go along with something without saying
  • Its a Partnership – You hired us to work with you, not for you or on our own so, we need to work together on your project.

I know I can get a cheaper website but, I like working with you. You are easy to talk to and you really learn our business. to get results.

Mike Davis - MD Electrical (Said during a strategy session)

You don't force your ideas onto us. You listen and work-up a joint solution.

Ross Barnett - Channels & Choices (After discovery)

why 9g

years building business websites

Get your own web design team who will build your site from scratch, spending hours on planning and crafting your website.

work with the pros

  • Over 250 pro conversion websites built for great companies across the UK
  • 13+ years experience in digital marketing
  • 9 step proven process getting you from having a poor online image to looking like a pro
  • Highly experienced web design team ready to deliver your website

questions regular web designers don't ask

I will let you into a little secret. I don’t take the easy road and will always call you out on decisions that aren’t right.


Myself and my team aren’t yes men (you do get the final say though) and most web companies wont ask these questions: 

  • What's your super power?
  • What do you want to push?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What problem do you really solve?
  • How can we show your super power?

Why? Becuse its strategy work. It’s gets better results and a better finished product but, it’s way more work.

family values

The truth of the matter is that most of us are in business to spend more time with our family.

That’s why 9G is here.

Myself and my team all have kids and we enjoy working with clients who have the same family values and a strong moral compass.

Business owners like you and me “usually” work hard and, enjoy what we do which is why we are good at it, always do a good job and live for family time.

As the saying goes, people buy people…

Its so true.

hey there, we are 9g

Your local friendly web design team based in Broadstairs.

Let's be friends as well as clients

strategy call with chris

Send me a call back request and lets talk. You get a free website needs session to go over whats bugging you right now.

Chris Holland – Strategy consultant

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what's the most important question about your business?

Chris Holland - Lead website consultant