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How to write a blog post for your website


For me, writing an outline and then building it out gets your idea out quickly before you get lost in the thick of it. Getting started Give these steps a try and see how they work for you… The idea / title Consult your list of blog post ideas and choose one indiscriminately. The outline Bash […]

5 things causing your website to under-perform

Marketing, Web design

Sorry I don’t mean to insult you, but if you are suffering from these 5 things then you need to do something about it, and you are missing business opportunities right now. If you have spent a lot of time and or money into getting your website up and running, yet customers cannot find you […]

Website CPR [Core Page Review]

Marketing, Web design

Website Core Page Review is a simple way to quickly establish if your website has big holes in its goal to gain you more customers. Use our Website CPR calculator or get a guided website CPR session online to make sure your site is converting your visitors into leads. Why review your core pages? The main […]

Your business email deserves more


I moved to the Microsoft email system a few years ago as I realised my business relied on it and i didn’t want to worry about having time where my email had issues. 4 signs that email could be holding your business back: Limits to your online storage Hosting email often goes straight to spam Sometime you will […]

10 ways your website can grow your business

Discovery, Marketing, Web design

Improving the effectiveness of your website in terms of lead generation should be high on your priority if you take you value your online marketing. Define your customers first  Take some time to figure out your different types of customers. If you know your ideal customer, then your website will connect with them Structure your website […]

Adding social proof to your website


Generally, a testimonial can come in 2 ways. The first being simply a written testimonial, the second, as part of a Case study. A case study usually consists of 5 parts: The main featured image Project outline List of services provided Customer testimonial A gallery of the project if applicable Writing an outline of the project […]

Create an effective lead magnet for your web site


Window shoppers make up a large percentage of most companies traffic, you know the ones, you will have been one of them in your time where you are only looking and have no intention on buying during that visit. If 90% percent of your website visitors window shop and leave how can you strike up a conversation […]

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