Most companies aren’t doing this. Its called re-targeting.

Have you ever been on a website then only to see the same company advertising on your Facebook feed? Strange coincidence! Or is it?

No. They have simply installed Facebook tracking pixel on their website meaning they can target you on the social platform.

Facebook re-targeting is a great way to stay in front of your prospects after they have visited your website and you can get ahead of your competition.

What would you offer or say to your visitor on Facebook?

BENEFITS – Its cost effective with most budgets being around £1 per day to advertise, Once setup you can literally leave it running, You can create specific ads depending on what page they visit

3 steps to use facebook re-targeting:

– Track your website visitors with Facebooks pixel

– Write a simple retargeting plan for your services and what you could say

– Create your first re-targeting advert and see how it goes

Start here: Facebook guide on re-targeting

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Chris Holland Digital Consultant at 9G Websites

written by
Chris Holland - Digital Consultant