We use Gather Content to organise your content making sure your project gets launched on time.

You will need to get to know this system in order to organise your website content and see whats needed.

On average a website is held up by 60 days if a good content system isn’t in place.

3 Steps to using GatherContent

There are 3 steps to getting your content complete:

  1. FIND your pages under ‘YOUR WEBSITE’
  2. WRITE your content for each page
  3. CHANGE the status once written to ‘COMPLETE’

#1 FIND your pages

FIND your pages under ‘YOUR WEBSITE’.

#2 Write your CONTENT

Add BULLET POINTS to your pages ‘Main TOPICS’. WRITE your page content (if we are NOT providing content writing service)

#3 Change the STATUS (Important!)

Change the STATUS once written to ‘COMPLETE’. If you don’t change the status then we won’t know when its ready!

Chris Holland Digital Consultant at 9G Websites

written by
Chris Holland - Digital Consultant