This will take you around 10 minutes if you are on the ball. It’s vital you take the time to set this up properly including payment and VAT details or it will hold up your advertising campaign.

Here is a simple step by step guide with links to help articles.

  1. Create a facebook page if you haven’t already
  2. Register on Facebook Business
  3. Claim your page – Be aware, it’s a known issue that when you connect facebook business manager and claim your page, the page notifications stop and start only going through the business manager. This means you have to log in to your business manager every day to see notifications.
  4. Add us to your business manager account – Under the People and Assets tab, click People > Click Add New People > Enter email address to add and select the ADMIN role to assign them > click Save
  5. Add your payment method
  6. Complete the VAT section
  7. Let us know when this is done please 🙂


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Chris Holland Digital Consultant at 9G Websites

written by
Chris Holland - Digital Consultant