how to make my website gdpr compliant

By now we are imagining you have heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations )? It’s the new EU regs coming into play on May 25th 2018 concerning data protection.

It’s a big deal and it will affect nearly every website running at the moment.

What to ask about your website

This list of questions cover the main elements of your website that are affected by GDPR:

  1. Does it track your visitors? – You may not know this one as we install Google Analytics and other tracking code such as Facebook’s Pixel for our clients so you may need to ask;
  2. Does it take personal data through enquiry forms? – Does it have any sort of form which asks the user for their information?;
  3. Does it take personal data through lead capture popups? – Is there a pop up capturing email addresses and names?;

YES? Then the next set of questions are important:

  1. Is your website secure? – Are you currently using a secure layer for your website? Does it show HTTPS or not? The address bar will show if it’s green or not. You need to be using HTTPS if you are transferring any personal data;
  2. Do you have a correct and up to date PRIVACY POLICY? – Are you making it easy for visitors to see, understand and access your privacy policy?
  3. Do you have an updated COOKIE POLICY? – Does it popup and allow users to turn them off?
  4. Do you have a privacy statement on your forms? Are you informing them about your privacy terms?
  5. Are you allowing them to opt out of being tracked?

Your website needs to be ready and there is a 99.9% chance that at least one of these things will need your attention.


Third Parties – who are they?

If you’ve done your GDPR research, you’ve probably read a lot about ‘Third Parties’. This doesn’t just refer to unsolicited marketing companies, 9 times out of 10 they are our trusted suppliers who help make everything come together. An example of this is form suppliers, analytics for your website and hosting companies. So if you’ve got Google Analytics on your website, use Facebook Advertising, use email tracking and automation, or have a form on your website, you’re almost certainly using third parties to process your data.


Whose responsibility is it?

Your company website is your property and merely hosted and backed up by us. It is your responsibility to make sure your website is compliant by either implementing changes yourself or getting someone like us to do it for you. Obviously, as we look after your website, built it and host it we are a great choice 🙂


How can we help your website get compliant?

As GDPR is a pretty complex thing and a potential minefield we have spent some time understanding what we can do in order to make our site compliant and use these changes to help you!

Our GDPR package includes an audit of your website, the standard changes needed and we’ll notify you of any extra things that might need taking care of to make sure your site is fully GDPR compliant.

GDPR Website package £299+vat

You won’t have to spend days researching what to include and hours implementing it so, we’ve wrapped up some nice little packages for you to help make your website GDPR compliant from £299+vat. Most websites we have worked on need the core package.

The gdpr package small print

The services listed here are not exhaustive and there may be additional work needed for your website to become fully compliant.  If we believe there is work required beyond the scope of our standard packages, we will notify you and make our recommendations. All prices are +vat.

All GDPR services are provided to the best of our knowledge.  We are not legal experts in the matter and we recommend that, if you haven’t already, you engage the services of a legal GDPR specialist.

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