It’s a new year. January goal: Weight-loss or new website? You decide.

Taking advantage of January’s kick-start to fix your website problem means that you can set yourself up for the best year yet and build your reputation even further.

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Are you going to spend another year thinking your website is losing you business?

Unlike normal people, us business owners think more about our business than losing weight at this time of year. The question is, are you going to do something positive this time?

84% of your new leads will check-out your website. What does yours say about you?

Join in on the January kick-start like Konix

January goals set up businesses to do better, look at David from Konix Contractors.

They went from nearly losing referrals for tiling contracts in the range of £50k because of their website to confidently building an even better portfolio of main contractors and their exclusive clients year on year!

All from making that commitment to a January website.

Don’t miss this opportunity to put your business in good stead for 2020.

The first step is how to position you as an expert using your website.


Put your expert foot forward

Wouldn’t it be great to finally have a shiny new website that’s crafted around your ideal client and makes you stand out?

A website that focuses on the work you love and engages with the clients that you want.

A place online where new referrals and leads can visit to see that you are the expert to solve their problem above all other companies.

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by Chris Holland - Business & website consultant

Helping successful service companies look more professional so they can attract better clients

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