Helped make Football United Charity Day event a local success in Ramsgate

Football united charity day 2019 team

A local charity smashed their fundraising target by over 200% with a little help from us.

Local charity Football United Charity Day was set up recently to raise funds for SpeakUp CIC so they could create a crisis cafe in Ramsgate and to raise awareness for men’s mental health. The charity event is going to be held yearly and was created in memory of 3 local lads Paul Connel, Marc Wood and Ben Stone who lost their lives due to mental health issues.

Their problem

Robert Hughes who was a co-founder of the event had a lot on the plate and didn’t know where to start and what was possible in terms of creating a local brand and how to get it out there. Add to this that they didn’t have a budget as it was all for charity.

“Hi guys just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with the charity day. You took the marketing and look of the whole event to another level. Some great advice that made the day so personal to all of us. The day was so busy the burger man run out of stock. He said he’d never seen a first event like it. Once again a big thanks from all of us at Football United Charity Day.” – Robert Hughes

How we helped

Because I knew Paul Connell I jumped at the chance to help by offering our services for free and went all in to help them raise funds and awareness.

This is how we helped…

Logo design

Web site design and management

You can visit their website here

Facebook Branding

Facebook advertising

This was the video we created for the campaign.

Advertising banners

Ticket design and print

It was a real honor working with the founders and organisers of this event. Its helped make a real difference to our perspective on mens mental health and really brought a local community together.

Well done Football United Charity Day!

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