Your business email deserves more

You are probably using web-hosted email from your hosting package. It serves a purpose but if your business relies on it as mine does then it may be time to change.

Relying on your web hosting email means that everyone using the same host shares your email sending server.

One bad apple, as they say, can affect the sending reputation of the email server.

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I moved to the Microsoft email system a few years ago as I realised my business relied on it and I didn’t want to worry about having time where my email had issues.

4 signs that email could be holding your business back:

  • Limits to your online storage
  • Hosting email often goes straight to spam
  • Sometime you will get bounce backs from certain email providers
  • Email connection errors

The solution is Microsoft and Impreza IT

I view most things as a time vs money vs lost business calculation. For example, your email goes down for an hour, it causes you stress and you spend lost time figuring out why. Let alone any customers you can’t reply to.


So why am I telling you this now? Because one of our clients, Impreza IT have started working with a couple of our other clients (as recommended by us) and it’s really helping them.

What’s great is they can copy over all of your existing old emails and set everything up for you! How great is that?


  • Share calendars between staff
  • Share email contacts between staff
  • 50 GB online storage
  • Use Microsoft Outlook app online and on your devices
  • Integrate online booking software such as Actuity Scheduler
  • Better open rates for your email
  • A more reliable email platform

Piers is the head of sales @ Impreza IT and has supported my clients through the changeover. Have a free chat with Piers from Impreza IT by sending him a message here.


  • Expert IT support throughout the process
  • In most cases they can set everything up remotely
  • Competitive migration & setup fees
  • Help setup your mailboxes remotely
  • Migrate all of your old emails to the MS cloud
  • Make the needed changes to your domain to get things working
  • Minimal downtime on changeover carried out by experts

Want to discuss your options & costs? Arrange for a call back from Piers @ Impreza IT.

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