If you are an established company and an expert in your field then we can make you look like a pro online.

Situated on the coast of Kent, we work with local and remote clients to understand their business and bring this back into their website.

Don’t think every referral is in the bag

You may not actively market your business or even sell physical products but, you probably still have a steady stream of visitors to your current website based on your local reputation and because you sell a service that really helps. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the business is a sure thing just because you were recommended. They will still be comparing you to other companies making they are getting value for money which means your online image is key. This image includes your Google Business Listing along with your company website.

True story…One of our contractor clients nearly lost a hot referral worth around £70k after they saw his website. The lead was solid but they didn’t see the right kinds of projects and it just didn’t give him the confidence that this company could handle the job. Luckily the person who recommended them had a great relationship and managed to save the lead.

On that note, don’t lose another referral – It’s an illusion that a referral is a sure thing!

  • Make every visitor count – Making sure every visitor is converted in one way or another is vital to your success
  • Show you are an expert – For once you can show off your expertise by saying and showing how you help
  • Upsell your services – Increase the value of your project by upselling services and add-ons
  • Cross-sell – Add value by showing other services that your customers never knew you did
  • Cherry pick –  Busy people usually want better work, not more work. Show the right kind of jobs and you will attract more of the right kind of work
  • Cut down on recruitment costs – This isn’t for every company but for those that need it we build in a content managed recruitment section
  • Getting personal with your customer – If you are more than a faceless brand then your customers will connect with you

Are you looking to grow?

If you want to or you do market your website then you will be interested to know that we work in a few key components that really benefit your efforts:

  • Content strategy blog –  An effective way to build trust and get targeted traffic through Google and paid advertising
  • Landing pages for your marketing – Don’t keep pointing your PPC campaigns to your frickin home page, raise your quality score and send them to pages that specifically talk to them
  • Capture leads – Make every visitor count by offering them help and capturing leads

Master Chefs ?

Your success is important to us and we have been cooking up business websites for 13+ years. These are the things we bake into your website :

  • Educating your customers – This creates trust and authority making you the expert
  • Showing the path to their goal – If your customer can see the way ahead, they are more likely to buy
  • Your unique sales process – Show the next steps. What happens after they click GET STARTED
  • A great call to action – This is where you can offer something far stronger than ‘contact us’ 🙁
  • Qualify your leads – A few strategic questions can cut down on hours of wasted time on rubbish leads

Partnering with you for the project

You don’t go this alone. We help, do and guide you all the way.

Being busy doing business means it’s critical that you choose the right web designer in Kent, making your life easier and your business more profitable.

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