Simple math to open your eyes

Too many businesses we encounter don’t realise the impact of their website on their business.

We hear the ‘I’m busy anyway’ but why leave money on the table.

Even if you only get 10 hits on your website a day, that’s 300 per month, obvs, but you could still be converting more of them rather than losing them daily to your competition.

Areas that will win or lose you business

If you improved one of these areas and it got you one more client per month for one year how much would that create for your business?

1 Great customer experience

Don’t make them leave before they have had a chance to look into you and see how professional you are. Look professional, Fast loading, Mobile responsive, Secured hosting.

2 Customer focused content not about you

Your messaging will be what stands you apart from your comp and make them feel that you are relevant and you get them. Solve their problem, Talk about them, Be relevant, Show proof

3 Create a sales system not a brochure site

Track what you get through your website and start looking at ways to create conversions through your site rather than letting them ‘look and leave’. Improve search engine optimisation, Convert more WOM leads, Capture leads not just clicks, Monitor your websites progress and results

4 Stay online for your customers
They won’t hang about if your website is down and probably will never come back. Secure hosting and scanning, Uptime monitoring, Daily back-ups, Recovery service.


  • How much is your average ideal customer worth in pounds.

I guarantee that at the moment your current website is losing you at least one job per month to your competitors due to a number of content and technical issues!

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