Website CPR [Core Page Review]

CPR sounds a bit harsh (and maybe a little cheesy) but the truth is that without asking these questions about your website’s main pages, you don’t know if they are getting you as much business as they should be. So in the CPR vein (pun entirely intended), review your main pages and bring your website back to life.

Website Core Page Review is a simple way to quickly establish if your website has big holes in its goal to gain you more customers.

Use our Website CPR calculator or get a guided website CPR session online to make sure your site is converting your visitors into leads.


The main focus of your website should be to make you money. It will do this by selling you as a trusted expert in your field. Reviewing your core pages will get your website engaging with your visitors again and talking to their pain / problem.


A core page is any page on your website that is at the core of your business. These typically are your home page and your main service pages. For example, we offer a number of services but would start with our home page and web design page.

You can, of course, apply this review to any page once your core pages are complete. This exercise will help every page on your website.


There ar 2 parts to a full CPR. You need to firstly know the outcomes that should be in place for your website core page. You can then rate your page based on how well it matches the answers from your CPR questions.


Answer these questions on each of your core pages:

  • What is the objective of the page?
  • Who is the specific target audience?
  • What is the scenario of the visitor?
  • What problem does it solve for them?
  • What is your value proposition for that problem?
  • What does your visitor need to know before doing business with you?
  • Does your call to action help solve their problem?
  • How else can you help them if they aren’t ready to buy?


Now rate your page [1-5 / 5 = being awesome] based on the CPR question results.

This page:

  • Works towards its objective 
  • Speaks to a specific target audience 
  • Shows understanding of the visitor’s scenario 
  • Is aimed at solving a specific problem
  • Clearly states the value your business can offer for this problem
  • Bridges the gap between the visitor’s problem and your solution
  • Has an enticing call to action that will help solve their problem
  • Offers a value driven content opt-in if the visitor isn’t ready to make contact

Use our online Website CPR calculator to make sure your site is converting your visitors into leads.

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