Start a conversation with the 90% of visitors that leave your site without making contact. Create a simple piece of downloadable content that helps solve their problem for FREE and get their email address.

The difference between a converting website and a brochure website is lead capture. We have experience in breaking down your visitors and creating an engaging system where they will want to trade their email address for your knowledge.

Your lead capture system will include 3 things:

#1 The Bribe (lead magnet)

Is a problem-solving piece of content that your customer really want from you. We will:

  • Create a compelling concept for your bribe
  • Plan the structure of your bribe
  • Design your branded bribe download

#2 The System (Delivery & automation)

Is what your website will need for lead generation. We will:

  • Set-up your email marketing platform
  • Set-up your email follow-up campaign
  • Integrate lead capture technology into your website

#3 The Follow-up (email series)

Is an automated email follow-up series that will talk to your lead over a period of time and sell your services. We will:

  • Plan your email campaign
  • Write your email content
  • Integrate your email campaign


“This approach enabled me to forge a relationship with a potential client and build on this to close the sale. It has been a week since we launched the lead-magnet campaign and I have already doubled my return on investment with 9G and hindsight I wish I had approached 9G sooner.” Toby Foster – Owner enoteca



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