Done-for-you Facebook advertising systems making the most of your advertising budget

You want to push your business and have a budget to invest in advertising but what do you do with it?

Leaflets? Newspaper adverts? Booklets? Online directories? There isn’t much out there which can really give you a solid trackable return and a big reach without being mega expensive.

In comes Facebook Adverts. Think about it. How many of your friends and family are on Facebook? Probably 90% of them if not more! The reach is amazing from teens to the twilight years, your business can reach every demographic including buyers, employees, managers and company directors.

Get your very own Facebook campaign

Quick and simple isn’t best when it comes to Facebook advertising. Understanding your customer and helping them is often the first step in your campaign. See how this campaign turns prospects into leads for K2 Kitchens. The idea here is to help them in return for their email address.

Are you…

  • Thinking of using Facebook for your business?
  • Already using Facebook and need help?

4 massive reasons why you should advertise on Facebook?

Your business won’t get a better advertising platform than Facebook. It offers 4 amazing things:

  1. Reach customers that aren’t aware of your solution yet
  2. A wide range of customers from company director to grandmothers
  3. Track all of your advertising statistics
  4. Re-target website visitors on Facebook

Examples of how sectors can target customers

  1. Fostering – Target existing foster carers
  2. Nurseries – Target working mums
  3.  Driving instructors – Target sixth formers
  4. Trades [Plumbers] – Target a specific heating system fault that leads to a bigger problem

Your Facebook advertising isn’t working because…

Facebook isn’t a selling platform! Well, not initially. People go onto Facebook to be social, make connections and look at videos of silly cats 🙂

If your campaigns are not getting great results its usually because there isn’t enough understanding of who you are targeting and you haven’t spent enough time planning and setting it up.

A quick and dirty add generally gets little results.

It won’t be perfect first time

Facebook is fantastic at getting you coverage but, it takes time to get things right. Generally, we say 3 months to set -up, test and see what strikes a chord with your target audience. The more planning and understanding the better. We run 3 types of campaigns to get you the results you want:

  1. Click campaigns
  2. Facebook funnel campaigns
  3. Website re-targeting campaigns

Download our Facebook packages where we explain these in more detail.

How we help

Our Facebook Advertising packages include

  • Facebook strategy session
  • Strategy & planning
  • Content writing
  • Advert image designs
  • Landing pages
  • Email nurturing campaigns
  • Campaign management
  • Monthly campaign reports
  • Monthly review screen share session
  • Re-targeting campaigns

Our process to getting you going

3 simple steps to make sure we can help and then to plan your campaign for the best results.

  1. Free Facebook strategy call 20-30 mins
  2. Campaign plan
  3. Choose package + Get started

Need some help setting up?

Get set up with Facebook and Facebook Business Manager here

Free advice

Free Facebook Strategy Call

Can we help? Claim your free 20-30 minute Facebook strategy session by phone with Chris Holland our lead consultant. Its completely free and will really help give you direction even if we don't end up working together.